Our definitive list of the top 10 best tool brands.

Whether you are the craftsman, the workingman, the tradesman, the artisan, the laborer, the helping hand or the avid DIY-er, this is the definitive list of our favorite tool brands and tools that every man should have on-hand. Over the course of our lifetimes, we’ve been testing tools and machinery – old and new – on worksites and personal projects. We evaluated this list based on durability, ease-of-use, overall design and feel, and affordability.

Top 10 Tool Brands:
1.     Makita
2.     DeWalt
3.     Milwaukee
4.     Black and Decker
5.     Husky
6.     Ryobi
7.     Porter-Cable
8.     Rigid
9.     Stanley
10.  Bosch

Besides being the best looking brand with its retro turquoise and compact casing, Makita produces amazing, easy-to-use tools for the both the workingman and the avid lifelong DIY-er. From Makita’s drill and sanders to its saw blades, we rank Makita as our no. 1 brand of choice.

DeWalt slides easily into our no. 2 rank. As the self-proclaimed producer of “rugged and reliable power tools” we must agree that DeWalt tools may be longest lasting and most reliable in our top tools list. You’re not likely to return a DeWalt, but if you do the company promises a lifetime warranty for nearly all its tools.

Milwaukee is not a brand we carry often, but it is a company whose tools make nearly all top 5 lists when it comes to tools, hardware and machinery. What’s not to love about a company whose tag line reads “Nothing but HEAVY DUTY”? Milwaukee is the real man’s tool that excels in hardcore equipment like heavy duty drills.

Black and Decker (B+D) is another tool brand that we highly recommend and is one of our go-to brands when it comes to home improvement projects and medium-sized construction jobs. With high-grade power inverters and portable power stations, these tools can be used just about anywhere for any project.

For one of our team members, Husky deserves the no. 1 rank, but collectively our thoughts were varied resulting in this tool brand’s no. 5 overall rank. Husky (“The Toughest Name in Tools”) tools are true to the husky dog breed. This tool brand is beautiful and will loyally stick by your side for all of your needs. Two of our favorite Husky tools are the Hotdog Air Compressor and the Cordless Ratchet.

A rank that even we were surprised by, is Ryobi coming in with the no. 6 rank. Ryobi’s strength is its affordability. With relatively inexpensive tools, Ryobi offers great tools for the Dad, the Average Joe, or the Novice. Some of our favorite Ryobi starter tools are the wet tile saws and the angle grinders.
While no. 8 Rigid seems to bear a low rank, we happen to love this brand. Rigid is the wise old grandfather of this brands list. Established in 1923, this company has refined its tools and offerings to consistently secure a spot in our top 10 tool list. From the durable vacuum we use to clean warehouses, to the drill heads and worm drive saws we use to cut wood for framing, Rigid is an all-time brand.

To round out the list we added two brands that are both well positioned in the market: Stanley and Bosch. Stanley is unique in that it is a standalone brother of Black & Decker (often known as Stanley, Black and Decker). While Stanley falls under the B+D umbrella, because of its elite hand tools it found a spot on our Top 10 list of tool brands. Bosch routinely takes the auto world captive, but also provides great tools for the at-home worker.

All things considered, most of us have an assortment of these tool brands within their toolkit. A good collection of tools is a must-have for every man.