14 in. Root Slayer Soil Knife with Holster

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We might have called the Root Slayer Soil Knife the Root Slayer Hori, but we were afraid people might not know about 1 of the oldest and most essential garden tool designs of all time. Based on original Japanese designs, but updated with modern materials and style, the Root Slayer Soil Knife can perform the functions of almost any hand tool in the garden. Use it as a substitute for a trowel, transplanted, cultivator, or most importantly, a weeder. This handy digger will cut through root-filled, heavy clay soil with surprising ease. When in the lawn, garden, or potting shed, we never like to be without this versatile garden tool. Strap the holster over your belt so you always have access to this handy tool. Delivered with an enamel powder coating, the Root Slayer Soil Knife features an array of a dozen saw-like cutting teeth on 1-side, a long sharp blade on the other side, the signature Root Slayer inverted V blade tip, and a combination twine cutter and bottle opener near the ergonomic grip. Feel free to sharpen any or all of the mid-carbon steel cutting surfaces for a very long lasting edge.
  • Root cutting hori knife/soil knife designed to last a lifetime of digging and weeding for the serious gardener
  • Heavy-duty blade features a dozen ripsaw teeth on one side and smooth cutting blade on the other
  • Inverted, V-shaped cutting tip easily tears through roots and soil
  • Features twine cutter/bottle opener on side and holster for easy and safe storage
  • Powder-coated enamel carbon steel blade can be sharpened for a long-lasting cutting edge
  • Non-latex, thermoplastic rip with polypropylene core for comfort and ease of use
  • Cleaning blade after use is recommended to maintain quality and performance
  • Comfortable and strong enough for every garden task

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