18 ft. x 2 in. Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie Down (2-Pack)

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SHOCKSTRAP Ratchet Straps keep constant tension on your tie-downs so you never have to worry about your straps coming loose or falling off. When you secure your cargo with SHOCKSTRAP, you do not need to tighten the ratchet to the very last click, your cargo is secure once our SHOCKSTRAP urethane is engaged. There are soft ties next to both hooks giving you more options on where to attach the oversized double hooks. An integrated safety strap gives you added protection if something catastrophic happens you always have a back up strap in place. The ratchet and urethane SHOCKSTRAP are bolted on with grade 8 bolts and are field replaceable. Our webbing is Polyester for superior breaking strength.

  • Dependable - proprietary urethane SHOCKSTRAP provides superior shock absorption without coming loose

  • Safety strap - a backup strap in case the SHOCKSTRAP is compromised

  • Commercial grade ratchet with outside release that is field replaceable

  • SHOCKSTRAP ratchet safety strap is rated to 6000 lbs. breaking strength

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