Plasticplace 32 Gal. to 33 Gal. Black Trash Bags, 1 mil, 33 in. x 39 in. (100-Count)

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A big heavy bag for big heavy garbage, great for when you want something that can stand up to rigorous use. Whether you're looking to outfit a commercial kitchen or attack a big mess in the backyard, these high-quality black garbage bags are up to the job. The low-density resin resists tears and punctures, while being flexible enough to stand up to heavy loads. This bag's sturdy reinforced gusset seal adds an extra layer of strength and resilience.
  • Strong for all residential household garbage and commercial waste
  • 32 Gal. to 33 Gal. black garbage can liners
  • 33 in. W x 39 in. H, gusset seal, (100-count)
  • Durable and designed to hold the toughest garbage

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