Bluetooth Audio Receiver, Auxiliary Audio Receiver with Voice Control

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Want to use your Bluetooth devices while driving or while connected to your home's sound system? The Monster Audio Receiver with Bluetooth is perfect for both. Using the existing audio setups for both spaces, you can connect and do everything via the Aux Bluetooth Receiver's multi-function button for the perfect Hands-Free Talking environment. You'll also be able to link up to Siri or Google Voice Assistant for better communication via Bluetooth. Our auxiliary Bluetooth receiver also allows you to link to your car's navigation apps, which can be connected through your vehicle's speaker for better audio playback. To have the ultimate hands-free talking setup, The Monster Bluetooth Audio Receiver is here to assist.

  • Stream audio wirelessly

  • Built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling

  • LED light indicator

  • 3.5 mm aux port

  • Link up to the existing audio in both your car sound system and home sound system with ease

  • Supports Siri and Google Voice Assistant - “Hey Siri, Call Chris!” or “Hey Google, Call John!”

  • Works with Navigation Apps for Better Instructions - You'll be able to hear navigation directions in the best quality possible when linked up to your car's sound system

  • Includes Aux Cable and Micro USB charging cable

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