Copper compression PRO+ back brace S-M lumbar support and lower back pain relief for peak performance. Sports /fitness: lifting, X-training, core, rest, recovery , fits men and women 1brace

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The PRO+ Back Brace by Copper Compression: chosen by elite athletes like MVP Quarterback Drew Brees. Support your lower back in any activity: ideal for training and lifting, stretching, and quick recovery. Perform your best and bounce back fast with targeted compression and support for your lower back and core.Go for personal bests, extra reps, one more circuit. PRO+ will always have your back! The PRO+ Back Brace is ideal for athletes or anyone putting in the work hour after hour, day after day. Whether you’re focused on functional training or crushing a project list, you can lift, stretch, squat, press or take care of business with confidence.And don’t forget this comfortable, flexible back brace when you’ve smashed your goals. Let its targeted compression and contoured support give your lower back the VIP treatment it’s earned. Compression increases blood flow and reduces soreness and inflammation during recovery so you can get back up and do it again, like a PRO.Copper has proven odor-reducing properties. The PRO+ Back Brace has copper infused into the fibers and then the finished fabric is treated with additional copper ions to ensure it will keep going, day after day, just like you.Our improved PRO+ fabric is both supple and sturdy at the same time, moving with you while protecting your lower back and keeping your core engaged with targeted compression. The adjustable belt lets you crank up the compression when you need it or go easy when you want. naturally reduce odors and extend the life of the fabric. Stays fresh longer as long as you do. Because it is directly in the fibers of the fabric, PRO+ copper never washes away, even in the washing machine Clinically proven to improve athletic performance by warming and priming muscle fibers and to speed recovery, the PRO+ back brace supports you during intense activity and while you rest and recover. By increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, PRO+ reduces soreness and stiffness to get you back in the game faster than ever. Chosen by elite athletes like Drew Brees, the PRO+ back brace is everything your back needs and nothing extra. Simple and effective with proven benefits.100% Satisfaction. If you are not happy with your PRO+ back brace, we will make it right or refund you the full price no questions asked.

Protect the lower back when lifting, reaching, stretching, pushing and pulling

  • Reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, and the risk of strains
  • Improve posture and core activation with targeted compression to engage muscles
  • Move without pain
  • Increase endurance
  • Copper Compression PRO+ Compression Back Braces are professional grade.
  • Copper Infused: Copper infused directly into the fibers so it can never wash away. Additional copper treatment delivers another layer of effectiveness.
  • Copper’s natural properties protect the fabric of PRO+ braces to extend the life of the product.
  • Reduces odors: Natural copper destroys odor-causing bacteria, keeping the PRO+ brace fresh longer.
  • Targeted compression: increase blood flow to muscles and joints, reduce inflammation, acid buildup and soreness in muscles, provide stability and support.
  • Low profile: fits under clothing.
  • Adjustable belt: as much compression as you need for every activity.
  • Breathable fabric: Stay cool no matter how intense the competition or the conditions.
  • Moisture-wicking: stay dry and comfortable all day.
  • Easy Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
  • Fabric: Face: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex Back 85% Nylon (Copper-infused), 15% Spandex. Exclusive of decoration. 

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