30 Amp Automotive Portable Car Battery Charger with 80 Amp Engine Start and Alternator Check

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The DeWalt DXAEC801B Automotive 12-Volt Bench Battery Charger features microprocessor-controlled automatic 30 Amp charging with an 80 Amp Engine Start and Patented Alternator Check. This compact and full-featured charger can keep batteries in peak shape, help diagnose critical issues and even help get you back on the road. With a digital display and One-Touch charging, taking care of your vehicles has never been easier. It's ideal for charging everything from motorcycles and muscle cars to seasonal vehicles like RV's, watercraft and more. ETL certified protection from Reverse Polarity, Overvoltage, Short Circuit and Thermal Fault. Pick up a DeWalt Automotive Battery Charger for your garage today.

  • 30 Amp automatic 12-Volt charging that's ideal for a wide range of vehicles and uses
  • 80 Amp engine start mode can help start your vehicle in just 90-seconds
  • Patented alternator check and voltage display help monitor the health of your battery system
  • Integrated powder-coated metal clamps for making a reliable connection
  • ETL certified with protection from reverse polarity, short circuit and thermal fault

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