Dish Packing Kit Plus Glass Divider Moving Kit

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The Pratt Retail Specialties' Dish Packing Kit is an innovative and simple to use kit that makes packing plates, bowls and saucers quick and easy. The combination of box dividers and foam envelopes is fast and flexible making it easy to adapt to all types of dish combinations. The dividers both help to organize dishes as well as provide significant additional structural support to the box itself. The Glass Divider kit has different variation set ups to support many different size valuables. It also prevents damage from items shifting within the box. This unique setup allows for easy sorting and access to all valuables within.

  • Combo kit includes a dish kit and a glass divider kit
  • Recommended for use with the heavy duty small box
  • Dish kit: sized to fit in small box
  • Contains 4 dividers, 1 flat divider, 16 medium foam pouches and 8 small foam pouches
  • Carrying handles
  • Perfect for blankets, quilts and pillows
  • Protects items from dust and mildew

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