Heavy Duty 5 ft. Hammock Tree Hanging Straps Kit

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The Swurfer Tree Swing Straps is a quick and easy way to hang your Swurfer so you're up and Swurfing in no time. The Swurfer Tree Hanging Strap Kit is designed to safely and securely hang any tree swing or hammock without damaging your tree or swing set. Use to hang your hammock between 2 trees, your Swurfer swing from a tall branch, a disc swing, single tire swing, porch swing, rubber seat swing, or any other swing that you need a little extra length for. The Swurfer Tree Strap Hanging Kit is available in 3 sizes (two 3-straps/2 carabiners, two 5-straps/2 carabiners, one 10-straps/1 carabiner).

  • Each strap is made of a heavy-duty industrial strength polyester material with strong webbing, the straps are rated to hold up to 2,200 lbs. each

  • 3 ft. kit comes with two 3 ft. straps and 2-carabiners

  • 5 ft. kit comes with two 5 ft. straps and 2 carabiners

  • 10 ft. kit comes with one 10 ft. strap and 1 carabiner

  • Each kit includes extra strength locking carabiners that have a 23kN rating (kilonewtons) which means they are rated to hold up to 5,000 lbs. each

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