Humidifier Replacement Wick (4-Pack)

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At Valley Discounts, we buy open box and returned items from major brands, test the items carefully for quality, and pass all the cost savings to you.

It's simple - it's all in the paper. Our wicks contain more paper than the competition. The quality of our paper has greater absorbency, lasts longer, and requires less energy to provide the same amount of humidification as the competition. The HDC12 is under our high quality control standards.

  • Trapmax filtration technology
  • Outperforms the competition
  • Virtually eliminates white dust
  • The HDC12 has 4 filters in one box, most units that use the HDC12 require 4 filters, this will be enough for one change
  • Compatible with Essick Air/AIRCARE models EA1407 and HD1409
  • Compatible with MoistAIR models HD1200, HD1202, HD1204, HD1300, HD1300W, HD1303, HD1305, HD1405, HD1406, HD1407
  • Compatible with Kenmore models 14415, 14417, 14452, 14453, 14454, 15414, 15420, 29973, 29975, 29985, 29986, 29987, digital 29614

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