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This Husky Wrench Rack Set contains 2 space-saving organizers that each hold up to 16 SAE or metric wrenches, of sizes up to 1 in. or 25 mm. Designed for the professional automotive or industrial technician, these racks include key usability features like the self-aligning, quick change, and reversible side rails along with the reinforced plastic composite material slots that guides wrenches so they always face forward for quicker and easier identification. The angled design takes up 30% less space in your tool drawer, and the 2 included racks have different colored side rails for easy differentiation.
  • Takes up 30% less space in your tool drawer
  • Self-aligning, reversible side rails with a quick-change design
  • Wrenches always face forward for easy size identification
  • Reinforced construction from a composite plastic material
  • Includes 2 side rail colors for easy differentiation
  • Accommodates 16 wrenches up to 1 in./25 mm
  • 2-piece set

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