3/8 in. Drive Wobble Extension Set (2-Pieces)

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The Husky 3-Piece 3/8 in. Drive Wobble Extension Set features cold-formed and fully heat-treated alloy steel construction for outstanding strength. The extensions can be used as either a standard extension or as a Wobble Extension. The finish provides resistance to corrosion.

  • Includes 3 extensions; a 3 in., a 6 in., and a 10 in.
  • Fully insert the socket on to the end of the extension and use as a standard extension
  • Partially insert the socket on the extension and the socket will "wobble" or pivot, giving you increased access in hard to reach areas.
  • Large hard stamped size markings allow for easy identification
  • Ball detent helps to secure the socket to the adapter
  • Chamfered lead-ins help to provide fast and easy placement onto drive tools and sockets
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • Helps gain access to hard to reach fasteners
  • Knurled surface on extension shaft improve gripping
  • Missing 3in. extension

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