Digital Tone and Probe Kit Specialty Meter (Battery Included)

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 The 33-866 Test-Tone-Trace VDV kit combines two of our most popular testers - our 33-856 VDV Multimedia tester and the 62-164 amplifier probe plus several accessories in one kit designed to handle all of the basic testing and toning applications used by low voltage, video and data communications installers. This is an affordable kit that any installer of twisted pair or coax cable would use every day on the job. The VDV is an LCD based all-in-one basic voice-data-video tester for verifying proper wiring of low-voltage and data communications cables. The primary function of the VDV is the wire test. The wire test visually shows, pin by pin, whether a cable is terminated properly at both ends and if there is continuity from end to end. The VDV can test data/Ethernet RJ-45 (8P8C), voice/phone RJ-11/12(6P6C/6P4C) and video/coax cables. The LCD visually displays pass or error after each test to verify if the cable is terminated correctly.

  • Test cables, tone cables and trace cables all in one kit

  • Voice/data/video LCD based wire mapper

  • Identifies errors by pin: shorts, opens, miswires, reversals and split pairs

  • Amplifier probe included

  • Designed for CAT 3,5e,6, 6A cables; RG59,6, 6 Quad

  • RJ-45; RJ-11,12; and female F-port interfaces

  • A built in analog tone generator is also included and can be used in all testing modes

  • Tone generator has the ability to tone by pin, by pair or all conductors at once

  • Tone generator has 4 user selectable tones

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