JULE Steam Jewelry Cleaner

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With the natural power of steam, Jule can revitalize your most prized possessions without damage or wear. Featuring a 12 oz. water tank, LED lighting and 4 bar pressure steam, Jule has more than enough power and technique to leave your jewelry bright and shiny. Please reference the gemstone guide in the image gallery to see if your jewelry is a fit for steam cleaning.

  • 100% chemical free naturally deep cleans and sanitizes your jewelry without the use of harsh chemicals
  • High-pressure steam 4 bar (58 psi) pressure steam provides more than enough power to safely blast away dirt, grime, body oil, makeup and more to leave your jewelry bright and shiny
  • Superior performance a 12 oz. water tank heats up within 4-minutes and provides up to 15-minutes of steam time, with the option to select between steam bursts or continuous steam
  • Equipped for the job includes a jewelry basket for catching steam residue, holding tweezers, polish cloth and measuring cup for easy filling

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