Kangaroo Home Security Motion + Entry Sensor

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Keep tabs on every door, window and hallway with your Entry + Motion Sensor. The hub-free, app-controlled sensors work together with your Kangaroo Motion Sensors to create the perfectly customized security system for your home. Get an instant phone notification when your protected door or window is opened and someone passes through the threshold. For even more security, pair these sensors with our Siren and subscribe to Kangaroo Complete for professional monitoring.

Keep tabs on all entry points

Enjoy a second pair of eyes wherever and whenever you need it — like when a guest enters your home, or when your kid tries to sneak out the door. You’ll get instant alerts through your smartphone via the Kangaroo app.

 Smart home in an instant

All you need is a clean, flat surface and a minute of your time. Simply peel and stick the Motion + Entry Sensor on your chosen location, be it by your closet to secure pricey valuables or in your attic to keep varmints at bay. Endless possibilities, zero hardwiring.

Get instant activity alerts

All you need to keep tabs on your home is a Kangaroo Sensor and our free mobile app. When an activity is detected (such as motion, entry, exit, opening or closing), you’ll receive a notification on your phone to alert you right away.

Enjoy flexible monitoring

Our Motion + Entry Sensors work however you need them to. Choose to monitor just motion or just opening/closing, or easily switch back and forth with Doors + Windows mode to prevent false alarms when you’re home.

  • Mobile app-based home security system
  • No Wires, No contract, No Installation
  • Detects motion and entry and alerts your phone
  • Detects motion up to 15-ft away and opening windows and doors
  • Pet rejection technology reduces false alarms
  • Easy peel-and-stick install
  • Batteries included, up to 6-12 months battery life

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