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Get miter saw quality from your circular saw, The Crosscut Station gives you the capabilities of a miter saw with just a circular saw and Kreg guided cutting. Crosscut boards wider than most compound miter saws can handle (up to 12 in. at 90°). Make a variety of angle and miter cuts from 0° to 45° with the adjustable fence and positive stops at 0° and 45°. An MDF base and Sure-Cut backboard act as a sacrificial surface for splinter-free cutting results. The MDF base also functions as a kerf line so you can clearly see the blade's path and know exactly where your saw will cut every time. Use material support wings and the detachable blocks to cut long boards safely by supporting your offcuts. They pull out easily when more support is needed, and tuck back in when not in use. The Crosscut Station is quick to set up and easy to store away. Its compact design even makes it portable when you need accurate crosscuts and angle cuts on the go.

  • Crosscut up to 12 in. W (305 mm) and make a variety of miter cuts from 0° to 45°

  • MDF base and backboard act as sacrificial surface for splinter-free cutting

  • Kerf line you cut into the MDF base shows exactly where your saw will cut

  • Material support wings with detachable blocks add offcut support for long-pieces

  • Works with left- or right-blade circular saws

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