Kwikset Steel 5-Pin Door Lock Set Re-Keying Kit

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This is a Kwikset Re-keying kit for Kwikset 5-pin door locksets. Pre-cut keys, pin tumblers, special tools and instructions allow novice to rekey up to 6 locks. Note: 1. The pins included in these kits are for rekeying a Kwikset lock to the new keys provided within same kit. 2. Old keys will be required as part of the re-keying process with this kit.

  • Compatible with Kwikset 5-pin locksets

  • Can re-key up to six 5-pin Kwiskset 5-pin locksets to keys provided in packaging

  • Requires existing key to lock as part of the re-keying process

  • Pins are color coded for easier identification

  • Allows you to re-key up to 6 locks to keys provided

  • Other kits available from Prime-Line Products include, Prime-line parts E 2401 (Titan 6-pin), E 2402 (Schlage type "C" 5-pin) and E 2404 (Weiser)

  • Specialty tools included

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