Ozarks trail marine trailer adjustable boat motor transom saver, model BT673

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Even though boats are designed to flex slightly as they move in the water, they aren’t made for the rigidity of land transportation while on a trailer. This process can cause the motor to bounce on the back and stress the transom. The Ozark Trail Marine Trailer Adjustable Transom Saver helps decrease stress on a boat’s transom while being towed. Since everyone’s trailer and transom are different, this kit comes with a variety of mount types for you to choose what supports your rig the best. This Transom Saver can adjust from 23-35 inches for an optimal fit and is made from rugged, corrosion-resistant material for a long lifetime.Ozark Trail Marine Trailer Adjustable Transom Saver, Model BT6473

  • Adjustable Transom Saver designed to decrease stress on a boat’s transom while being towed
  • Variety of mount types for your trailer
  • Adjustable from 23-35 inches in length
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction

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