Premium 40,000 Mile Air Filter, 12057 for Select Hyundai and Kia Vehicles

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FRAM Ultra Premium Engine Air Filter 12057 provides up to 4 years or 40,000 miles of ultimate engine protection against dust, dirt and other damaging particles entering your engine. Air filters are your engine's first line of defense. FRAM Ultra Air Filters trap and hold smaller dirt and dust particles not captured by traditional cellulose paper air filters. Ultra Air Filters are engineered to protect your engine against wear by trapping contaminants entering your vehicle's engine. The blended multi-fiber filter media provides long term durability and greater filter integrity. Drivers benefit from increased horsepower and acceleration when air filters are replaced at OE recommended change intervals. Please follow recommended change intervals as outline in your vehicle owner's manual.

  • Extended engine protection up to 4 years

  • Proprietary filter media traps and holds dirt

  • Enhanced filter integrity increases durability for an extended filter life

  • Consistent airflow and improved performance over the life of the filter

  • Helps prevent decreased acceleration and horsepower while improving overall performance

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