2-Pack 6-Month Twist Refrigerator Water Filter W-2-2 Fits Whirlpool Filter 5

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This Project Source W-2-2 replacement refrigerator water filter fits in place of Whirlpool® filter model Filter 5. This certified, high quality, economical filter will deliver fresh, crisp, clean tasting water and ice cubes. Certified to NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, 372, 401, P473 and CSA B483.1, this filter removes over 80 contaminants including Lead, Cyst, Mercury and Asbestos. Engineered with the power of 0.5 mic coconut shell carbon block, this filter provides tremendous capacity to reduce impurities, sediment and rust that may be present in your drinking water. The carbon block has millions of active sites on its surface and within the structure which can absorb impurities like a sponge and can breakdown and hold other types of impurities on its surface like a magnet. These processes ensure that you are receiving the cleanest and best tasting water possible for you and your family. Using this filter will replace 1500 water bottles reducing the amount of plastic waste in our landfills.
  • This 2-Pack of Made in USA filters deliver fresh, crisp, clean tasting water and ice cubes that you can trust for your family

  • Eco friendly filter uses coconut shell carbon, the earth’s most powerful natural filter; keeping plastic water bottles out of our landfills

  • NSF certified to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53, IAPMO R&T certified to NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 372, 401, P473 and CSA B483.1 to remove over 80 contaminants

  • Reduces Lead, Cyst, 70 plus VOC's (Volatile Organic Chemicals), Mercury, Asbestos, Pharmaceuticals, BPA, PFOA and PFOS as well as Chlorine taste and odor to ensure high quality and performance. Does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health

  • Easy DIY filter replacement, no tools required to replace this water filter

  • Capacity is 300 Gal (1135 L) or 6 months

  • This filter fits the following Whirlpool Filters: FILTER 5, 4396510, 4396508, 8212491, 4392857, KitchenAid: 4396163, 4396547, 8212491, Thermoform: 491879, Kenmore: 46-9010, 46-9902, 46-9908, Maytag: 8212652, Puriclean: IV, 8212652

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