REEL EASY+ 2-in-1 Pivoting Fixed Line and Bladed Head for Bump Feed Trimmers

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 The REEL EASY+ Pivoting Fixed Line and Bladed Head allows you to choose from 2 trimming methods with 1 easy to use head. Use fixed line allows for quick and easy reloads. The line pivots for increased durability and longer life. The serrated blades are the ideal choice for trimming in heavy weeds or thick grass. The REEL EASY+ Pivoting Fixed Line and Bladed Head works with RYOBI, Toro and Homelite bump feed trimmers.

  • 2 trimming options with 1 easy to use trimmer head

  • Line pivots for increase durability and longer life

  • Fixed line for quick and easy reloads

  • Serrated blades for trimming heavy weeds and thick grass

  • Includes REEL EASY+ pivoting fixed line and bladed head, 4-blade inserts, 8-pre-cut 0.095 line segments

  • Works with RYOBI 18-Volt bump feed trimmers (P2090, P20110), 40-Volt bump feed trimmers (RY40220, RY40250, RY40230, RY40270) and AC trimmer RY41135

  • Works with RYOBI 2-cycle and 4-cycle trimmers manufactured after 2004

  • Works with Homelite and Toro bump feed trimmers

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