Filter Kit with VF4000 Standard Filter and VF3502 Dust Bags (2-Pack) for Select 12 -16 Gal. RIDGID Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums

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  • The filter is bent (as shown in photos), unused

Pair up - to get the next level in filtration and efficiency with your RIDGID wet/dry shop vac, this kit offers a 1-layer standard RIDGID filter (VF4000) combined with a 2 pack of RIDGID dust bags (VF3502) that fits select 12 to 16 Gal. RIDGID wet/dry shop vacuums. Used together, dust bags and filters can help optimize your vacuum performance for an efficient project cleanup experience. The RIDGID shop vac filter captures everyday dirt and debris such as sawdust, dirt and typical debris found in a basement garage or vehicle. Changing shop vac filters often is strongly recommended to increase the vac's performance and to help extend vacuum life as it protects the motor from harmful dust and debris. The addition of the dust bag allows for a no-mess drum while cleaning. Simply remove the bag from the vacuum and toss for a quick cleanup - no drum lifting needed. These high-efficiency filter bags can help vacuum performance and provide a cleaner operation because it minimizes debris clogs in the filter to increase the filter life. Take your project beyond with RIDGID.

  • Collects and filters dust and debris that enters the vac

  • Keeps the inside of the vacuum drum clean

  • Patented Qwik Lock filter fastening system for easy filter changes

  • Pleated paper filter is washable and reusable

  • Compatible with most RIDGID 12 Gal. to 16 Gal. vacs with a hose inlet in the drum

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable materials

  • Includes 2 Dust Bags and 1 Qwik Lock filter

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