Safety Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Go beyond the beep with this alarm from Knox Safety. The only alarm that features the TRIO Warning System - which alerts, informs, and directs you in an emergency. Instead of just the standard beeping, Knox Safety carbon monoxide alarms feature over 20 voice alerts that provide detailed information about the current threat and instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency. When combined with the intelligent display, which uses easy-to-read icons and scrolling messaging, the Knox Safety alarms provide you with a superior home safety solution. Knox Safety also offers the only multi-language carbon monoxide detectors - with alerts available in either English or Spanish. The simple and innovative design allows you to plug this alarm into any standard 120V outlet. The rotating plug will enable you to orient the alarm horizontally. The buttons provide you with even more necessary information: you can get the last reading of carbon monoxide, test, silence non-life-threatening alarms, repeat a message, or learn when your alarm needs to be replaced. When seconds count, only Knox Safety alarms show and tell you what to do in an emergency.

  • Knox Safety Plugin Carbon Monoxide Alarm

  • TRIO Warning System - Alerts, Informs and Directs you in an Emergency

  • Voice Alerts - Provide Detailed Instructions and Directions

  • Intelligent Display - Clearly Communicates Warning and Notifications

  • Multi-Language Alarm - Alerts in English or Spanish at the Push of a Button

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