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Check tire pressure and add air anytime you need with the Husky Tire Inflator with Gauge. This convenient unit combines an inflation gun, air chuck and pressure gauge and is easy to use even 1 handed. A clip-on design enables hands-free use of the chuck while inflating tires; the pressure gauge accurately shows the amount of air in the tire from 10-150 psi. If a tire has been over-inflated, the built-in relief valve makes deflating easy. Includes a flexible hose to make reaching tire steams easier.

  • Easy to use when connected to your air compressor, this 3-in-1 tool combines an inflation gun, chuck and gauge in 1 compact design

  • Flexible hose helps you maneuver easily into tight spaces

  • Easy to control with a large, readable gauge; 2 in. Dia that measures between 10 psi - 150 psi

  • Simply squeeze the clip and position the chuck over any Schrader-type tire valve; release the clip to lock the hands-free chuck into place, squeeze the trigger on the inflation gun to inflate

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