Verbatim life series DVD + R 4.7GB 16x recordable blank disc 100 pack spindle

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Verbatim DVD+R Life Series offers 4.7GB or 120 Minutes of write-once storage capacity, good recording quality, and compatibility with 1X to 16X DVD+R writers. Verbatim’s DVD+R Life Series 16X media allows users to record up to 4.7GB of data or 2 hours of video in approximately 5 minutes. With good read/write performance, rely on Verbatim to capture life’s events.

Verbatim Life Series DVD+R 4.7GB 16x Recordable Blank Disc 100 Pack Spindle

Who Can Use Optical Media as a Long-Term Archival Solution? 

  • Official Agencies
    1. Find specific records quickly and easily
    2. Read-only discs prevent data from being altered or stolen
    3. Store records locally or offsite, with low cost of ownership, and a small storage footprint
  • Medical Institutions
    1. Securely store patients records and files while maintaining quick access
    2. Long term solution perfect for compliance archival requirements
    3. Ideal for x-rays, MRI records and other detailed imagery
  • Businesses/Financial Institutions
    1. Data is stored off-network and out of reach of data attacks
    2. Maintain access to files for years to come with exceptional forward and backward compatibility
  • Individuals
    1. Keep your important files safe and away from attackers
    2. Optical discs are extremely affordable and take up less physical space than other data storage devices
  • Value
    1. Optical media remains the most affordable form of storage with an extremely low cost per MB.  
  • Reliability
    1. Optical discs have a higher long-term reliability than other types of data storage devices. And with long-term archival options, optical media can have lifetimes of hundreds of years.
    2. With better backwards compatibility than tape, flash, or cloud storage, data stored on optical media can be accessed for many years to come.
  • Security
    1. With data security being a bigger concern than ever, storing important information on physical media lets you take control of your data.
    2. Some optical discs are read-only, meaning once data is written, it cannot be altered, further protecting your data

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